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Thank you for your interest to serve on the IAAPA Board of Directors. To begin an application, click, "Apply Here" located in the upper right corner. For application editing or review, click "My Applications" in the box on the left. Applications must be complete and submitted by June 3, 2024, to be considered. It is advised to complete the application on a computer rather than a mobile device.

IAAPA has six (6) open positions on the board for 2025:

  • One (1) second vice-chair
  • One (1) treasurer 
  • One (1) manufacturer/supplier/consultant director
  • One (1) past chair director 
  • Two (2) facility member directors 

The IAAPA Governance Committee and global board will select new board members from those who apply, a talent search within the industry, or through other recruiting methods.

Items you will need to submit or prepare to complete the IAAPA Board of Directors application:

  • Two letters of recommendation that specifically address how you will make a valuable contribution to the IAAPA Board of Directors. (only .PDF files)
  • A three-minute video recorded on a mobile phone, explaining what distinguishes you from other candidates and what you can contribute to make a difference at IAAPA. (.MOV, .AVI, or MP3 files)
  • A professional photo (head and shoulders) of yourself (.JPG or .PDF files)
  • A list detailing your IAAPA volunteer experience
  • A record of IAAPA events you have attended
  • If you are not the CEO or Chair of your organization, upload a completed CEO Chair Acknowledgement and Support Form signed by your organization’s CEO or Chair. (only .PDF files)
  • If you are a MSC member applying for Second Vice Chair, you will need to upload an additional letter of recommendation from at least one direct and major competitor (i.e., a company that provides at least one similar product or service and operates independently from the company represented by officer in question).(only .PDF files) This is not required for MSC Director applications. 


Applications must be complete and submitted by June 3, 2024. Click "Save and Finalize" at the bottom of your application to complete the submission process. If you do not receive an email notification that your application has been received, please contact the IAAPA team at KCarter@IAAPA.org.